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References To A Different World

Global Concept

blink There will be no epoch anymore. No times, no 80ess, no 90ees, just remixes of the future joined with the past. Hope Nostalgia. The now will be infinite.

This chapter deals with the notion of time. Through this new way of structuring (linear is replaced by circular) the next step is that everything turns simple and infinite. I want to talk about forgotten futures, nostalgic nonexistent histories and all the hope these bring with them. A cloud full of possibilities and you just have to stretch your hand into it and take the next step of your experience out of it, not connected to any hierarchy.

Product Concept

blink Once we accepted that there is a democratic archive we can combine input from all different fields (location, time, topic). Innovation is driven by combination / remix and not by focused innovation any more.

The street lamp “References To A Different World” is situated in the middle of our human physical traffic. The glittery light concrete construction allows an individual to step out of this busy and stressful traffic to reach reflection and self-conciseness to be able to make new combinations and creations again.


arrow_down Remix Concrete

Remix Concrete

Taking a global existent material and remixing it, thinking it all over again. Using concrete as a lightweight construction, like crannogs, and breaking its monotone appearance with glittery moments, should give the spectator a slight difference in perception of an object in public space.
arrow_down Global Concept

Global Concept