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Contemporary Compassion

Global Concept

blink We are going from a time of archiving to a period of research. That’s why we have to start to orientate ourselves again, structure ourselves new, make maps of us and identify ourselves.

Once we are done with documentation and archiving we need to find a way to orientate ourselves in a world full of information.

How to access all the global ideas without getting lost in research. While we are on our road of searching we scratch others and get access to their knowledge. We are in a space where we attract and pass others. Linear structures will turn into three dimensional spaces and links are based more on relations than on hierarchies. Local action is more important than global availability.

Product Concept

blink The product is situated in the contemporary scenario of stapled houses, apartment buildings. The streets in front of our houses, where children played and where we talked to our neighbors from one garden to anotherone turned into empty corridors.
The perception of the building we live in, is in proportion to the scale we know and experience about it tremendously bigger. The experience of living in a house of hundret rooms and just knowing one creates isolation, emtyness and lonlyness. Global communictation (mobile phone, internet) helps us surviving in this empty rooms but also avoids local action, which is getting less and less.

My goal with the door handle “Contemporary Compassion” is to create content / interaction in this empty corridors to enhance movement and local action in apartment buildings again.

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Communication Conceot Craft

The doorhandle was handcrafted by the carpenter Rutger Graas, who is specialized in organic shapes amongst other wonderful skill. The communication during the actual building process was very important to the concept and the humanity of the product.
Therefore a CNC computer based machine would have never reached the quality of the product.

Veerdijk 41
1531 MS Wormer
The Netherlands

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Global Concept